Swachhata Pakhwada
As per CBSE norms our school celebrated "Swatchhata Pakhwada" from September 01 to 15 , 2018. Various activities like hand wash day, painting competition, letter writing competition, essay competition , special assembly were organised on different days. Under the programme CLEANLINESS DRIVE FOR CLEAN INDIA, the students, teachers, parents and all the staff members of the school were made aware that they should keep the school, their house and their neighbourhood clean. This awareness programme was held on 1st September 2018. The message to welcome clean India was given.

Our school follows the CBSE pattern which includes the comprehensive continuous evaluation (CCE) which contains 4 formative assessments and 2 summative assessments. This CCE pattern enables the teachers to track each child’s progress on a personal basis. Pre Primary: Mainly focuses on learning through various activities where children can absorb knowledge without any stress. Storytelling, audio-visual, worksheets etc. are an integral part of teaching. Primary, Middle and Senior school: Students are imparted knowledge through various modes such as assignments, projects, discussions, role play audio-visual etc. subsequently the knowledge levels are tested through the summative assessments.

GradeSection ASection BSection CSection DSection ETOTAL
NURSERY52535050 205
LKG49515149 200
UKG51504949 199
STD I50504947 196
STD II49504946 194
STD III50525251 205
STD IV54505050 204
STD V51515250 204
STD VI49484650 193
STD VII5050494746242
STD VIII50515051 202
STD IX52505455 211
STD X494947491195
STD XI49465051 196
STD XII41454439 169